Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You should use Research Solutions too

Copy editors sometimes help content developers find and retrieve information, and this editor's no exception. Someone recommended I try Research Solutions, and I did. I'm not a little bit happy with that decision.

In fact, Research Solutions is now my go-to vendor for document delivery.

You should try them too.

Here's the order feedback I sent to their Client Relations representative:


RE: Welcome to Research Solutions!

To: Client Relations - Research Solutions
From: Stephen Wilkins

Thank you for your note*[name withheld]...

I wanted to tell you that the book chapter I ordered this afternoon just arrived a few minutes ago—remarkable speed, idiot simplicity, and reasonable cost make this transaction the best I've experienced in almost 10 years of editorial work.

By comparison, I ordered the same material from Infotrieve only yesterday—still haven't heard from them, rang their offices and got stuck on hold, was eventually forced to leave a message, still unreturned. The editorial equivalent of root canal surgery, behold: Infotrieve.

From now on, I'll order eveything from you folks...

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